A little extension

Something has come up and I won't be able to post the voting until later tonight or tomorrow morning, so I'm going to extend the challenge until midnight EST tonight. I apologize to those who worked hard to get your entries in on time.



Reminding everyone that entries for our Henry Fonda challenge are due next Friday, Sept. 4, midnight EST.  We have just 2 entries (thank you) so we really do need more!  If you find you have a little bit of extra time next week, please consider entering our challenge.  Thanks!

Keep voting

A few more votes are need to break these stubborn ties. I will extend the vote a couple more hours, hoping they break. Otherwise there will need to be a tie-breaker vote.  Please take a few moments and VOTE for up to 5 icons. Thanks!

Votes needed!

YIKES!!   There is currently a 10-way tie for 3rd place   so more votes are desperately needed.   If you haven't voted yet, would you please take a few moments and VOTE for up to 5 icons now? Thanks!

Challenge 80 voting

There are 30 very lovely entries this week, thank you to everyone who entered. Please vote for up to 5 icons; voting will last until Friday, August 21, midnight EST. The new challenge will be posted soon.

Good luck!

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Challenge extension

With both us not feeling well right now, we've decided to extend our Bathing Beauties challenge a few days. The new deadline will be Wednesday, August 19.   There are now 18 lovely entries, but we can always find room for more.   :-)

Please submit your entries HERE.   Thanks for your patience and understanding.